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GPS Motorcycle Navigation App. The best ever. Available today!

By 22.07.201629 Comments

I’m very proud to bring you my new app Scenic. It’s probably the best gps motorcycle navigation app ever made. You can download it from the App Store and try it for free today.

gps motorcycle navigation iPhone on motorcycle

Scenic aims to be the app alternative to expensive GPS motorcycle navigation units like the Garmin Zumo and TomTom Rider. It offers full turn-by-turn and voice guidance, route creation, GPX import, ride tracking and many more specialised features for motorcycling. As the only app of its kind it can convert any GPX route or track into a navigable route, even tracks with thousands of points. This all together, I believe, makes it the best motorcycle navigation app out there at the moment.

Plan, navigate and document your Motorcycle Trips with ease and enjoy the Scenery and the freedom of the road. No more time waisted on finding, editing, converting and transferring Scenic Routes to your GPS device. Why carry around an extra and expensive GPS unit while your phone can do it all?

Key Features

  • Turn by Turn & Voice Navigation
  • Turn any GPX Route or Track into a navigable route
  • Offline Maps
  • Create routes by dropping up to 100 via points
  • Turn a previous trip into a navigable route
  • Export trips and routes to GPX
  • Scenic Route Database
  • Trip Tracker & Recorder
  • Syncing between devices
  • Multiple Map- and UI color schemes
  • Trip sharing on Social Channels

App Video

With Scenic you can browse for a Scenic Route in your neighbourhood (or anywhere else). Look at the reviews and ratings and if you like it, start Turn by Turn and Voice Navigation. Can’t find a route you like?… import one from GPX! Scenic’s very own ‘Scenify’ algorithm converts any GPX route or track into a navigable route, with Turn by Turn and Voice Guidance. Don’t have a GPX file?… simply create a route yourself in minutes by dropping upto 100 pins as via points.

Scenic guides you along your route with full GPS Turn by Turn and Voice Guidance. There are many options and settings to configure the navigation just the way you like it. For example: Auto Zoom Sensitivity, 3D/2D map, Orientation Lock mode (for those that like the sharp turns), NorthUp/HeadingUp, Speeding Alerts, Power Saver and many more useful features.

Save those Road Trip Memories with Scenic! While you ride or drive your trip is being recorded… take pictures and add comments along the way. Save where you were, what you’ve seen, how fast you were going and much more. Even if you’re not navigating a route you can still record your trip. Wanna ride that same trip again? Turn the trip into a navigable route!

Want to know more or give the best gps motorcycle navigation app a try for free? Go to the App Store Page today.



Independent Developer of ScenicApp


  • Walter Guerra says:


    That’s great! Already downloading to test this weekend. One doubt: what is the map information that you use? Openstreetview?

  • Dan Jarjung says:

    This is EXACTLY what I’ve been waiting for, thank you…except that I’m an Android user. Any plan to release a version for us?

  • Ray Hunter says:

    It’s not the only motorcycle app that can turn a GPX trail into a navigable route though. There is already one out there 😉

  • Keith says:

    The navigation capability in that app was only introduced on July 11, 2016. I’ll stay loyal to Scenic thank you.

  • AdventureDave says:

    Hi Guido,

    I love the ability to convert tracks to routes! That’s awesome. I don’t think the Ultimate Rides app is still around. I did have to remove a few waypoints to get the route corrected – no big deal, I expected that.

    Anyway I paid for the Premium Subscription so I could import and convert tracks. But I also thought this would get me more map credits. Your description in the Settings says “Credits are needed for Offline Maps and can be used as “Pay as you Go” alternative to Premium Subscriptions”. This sentence led me to believe that if I had a Premium Subscription I didn’t need credits. That turned out to be a false interpretation to your sentence. Perhaps you can make this more clear in the future.


  • breytex says:

    Would love to beta test the android version, when it comes out 🙂
    msg me!

    Greetings from germany

  • mjhb says:

    Hi Guido,

    Looks like a great app, although I’ve yet to test it. I’ve been looking for an alternative to CoPilot that will let me import GPX files – Scenic seems to be just the thing … thank you !

    Just one thing, can you please confirm whether or not Offline Maps are included in the Premium subscription/forever packages ?

    Many thanks,


    • Hi Matt,

      You always need credits for offline maps, even if you are premium. Every new user gets 5 credits for free. You can use those to try the premium features (Voice, Route Import and Route & Trip Export) ór to download offline maps. The relation between premium and the credits are explained in detail in the In App Purchases section under settings. If you have any other question please let me know through here or use the Help –> Feedback option in Scenic settings.

      Cheers and regards,

  • Julia turner says:

    How do
    You export trips? We paid for the premium but cannot find a way to export.

    • Guido says:

      Swiping is the key. In the trip list swipe left to bring up a few buttons. Yellow let’s you edit trip detail, blue makes a route from the trip, Grey let’s you export to GPX and RouteYou (if you have an account there) Green let’s you share a trip summary on social channels.

  • Trevin says:

    Hi Guido,

    Can I import a custom route from Google My Maps into Scenic and use offline?
    As an alternative, can I create a custom route in Scenic and use this offline?

  • Jason says:

    Any headway on an Android Version?
    It seems like the IOS one is the way to go for Motorcycle GPS apps.

  • Ken Hansen says:

    How do I buy more credits? Or does that option come up once I have used up all the free ones?
    So far, I like your product.

  • Ken Hansen says:

    I found It!

  • Scott Vallie says:

    Look great on a PC since it’s not available on Android…. Email me when its available for Android, paying for it is not a problem, just want a good route builder…

    • Guido says:

      Hi Scott. Best it to follow motomappers on one of the social channels or subscribe to the rss feed. Then you’ll be notified of any news regarding Scenic. You’ll find the buttons to follow here on the top right.

  • Hoyt says:

    Will there be an Android based Version?

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