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Early Preview of the New MotoMap

By 04.11.2014June 23rd, 20152 Comments

With Offline Maps and an overhauled design!

With a new and improved look & feel, more intuitive user experience and a lot of useful new features like offline maps and more ….

ETA: Spring 2015!



UPDATE: Due to a lot of bugs surfacing in MotoMap I decided I couldn’t leave my current users out in the cold. So I spent quite some time updating MotoMap. This delayed the work on the new App quite a bit though. New expected availability date: Fall 2015.



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  • AV says:

    I look forward to your new version – I downloaded current version today and only just found out no offline maps – I was hoping to use it for a European trip but the data roaming costs are too high 🙁

  • Hi AV,

    Yes, the current MotoMap does not have offline maps. It will cache map areas though which will suffice if you’re going for a short trip. However for a European trip I would indeed not recommend it.

    It’s gonna be another 2 to 3 months before the Beta of the new MotoMap is ready. I’ll send out an email to all existing users describing how to sign up as a beta tester. Perhaps this is in time for your trip?

    In any case I wish you a lot of riding fun and adventure in Europe!.

    Best regards,

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