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Daytona Bike Week fans ignore Coronavirus cancellations

By 18.03.20205 Comments

What are the effects of the Coronavirus outbreak on the world of motorcycle riding?

Amid all the craziness of the past couple days I came across this article that explains why the Philippines ban motorcycle back-riding. It might help to flatten the curve, or not, but it is an interesting angle. It is actually part of the government’s guidelines for social distancing.

So is their new rule of limiting the maximum number of passengers in a taxi to 3. While I always thought that 3 passengers kind of filled up the taxi it is interesting to read another perspective.

Bikers attending Bike Week in Daytona Beach decided to not care that the event was cancelled and rolled in anyway. This clearly shows they’re not too bothered by the fear of the Coronavirus.

What do you think about this attitude of not allowing the Coronavirus to ruin your plan?


  • Wayne says:

    It is ignorant and self-serving

  • Dmitry says:

    I cancelled my Daytona trip this year once I knew what was going on in China and realized what was about to happen in USA. Daytona isn’t absence of social distancing only, it’s also lodging and food in public places where god knows who ate or slept before you. My GF cried when she learnt about my decision, she was planning this vocation. They closed her office in NYC in the beginning of March – then she realized all the danger and said thank you for a wise decision.

  • Doppler says:

    We cancelled our annual trip to Daytona. It was a tough decision especially since we pay in advance for camping in the track’s infield for the races. I think they are moving the races to October, so that will give us an excuse to go then!

  • Jacques says:

    I would say, let evolution will take care of the selfish & ignorant, but unfortunately there are going to a lot of innocent bystanders. The only weakness that this virus has is that it can’t travel by itself. Why would anyone enable it by traveling for fun, to go camping or any other reason than self preservation?
    Be a human – if you have too much time and money, go volunteer at a shelter or donate to te poor. If you want to take your bike to get there wonderful, but wear a full face helmet – not that it will block the airborn virus from getting to you, but at least your infected snot will stay Only with you🤢🦠🤧

  • Hotiron says:

    A great example of Mothers natures selection program.

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