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Customized Harley-Davidson LiveWire

By 10.06.20213 Comments

Over the last couple of months, I realized that I am in a transitional phase. I was never a fan of Harley Davidson and I have been criticized because of it, as can be read here. However, over time I am starting to appreciate the brand and its style. It might be a lockdown symptom, but this JvBMoto custom Harley Davidson Livewire actually looks sexy. I really feel like buying it and take her for a first ride. I feel the need to open the throttle and hear that engine scream. I wonder what the electrical engine sounds like!

credit: motorcyclenews

Jens vom Brauck, founder of JvBMoto has the following to say about this beautiful machine: “All I know is that this bike is so much fun! It just makes you smile all the time and shows that the future of motorcycling can still be really enjoyable”. Vom Brauck customized the bike by adding carbon fiber parts but leaving the seats the way they were. As you can see there are some café racer influences. What is not so visible but will have a lot of impact on how this beast rides is the new rear shock from Sport Evolution.

credit: motorcyclenews

I was inspired by Jordan Gibbons’ article on


  • Ken Gillett says:

    I can tell you that the sound of this electric bike is a gear whine at low speeds that gradually fades into the background wind and road noise and is inaudible by about 50mph. In contrast to the Zero SR/F on which there’s no gear whine, but you can hear the drive belt more. On either bike it is pretty quiet and although having been a petrolhead for over 50 years and still enjoy the sound of a throaty 4 stroke, I no longer want to be making that noise myself and pulling up to a standstill (traffic etc) and being completely silent is an absolute joy.

    Both the SR/F and the Livewire are great bikes to ride with very similar performance. I love the Zero’s direct drive but I felt the Livewire handled a little better and if H-D would release a ‘Scrambler’ version like Ewan and Charlie used on Long Way Up, I’d be sorely tempted, but the Livewire is too expensive. The Zero is an expensive bike, but although I slightly prefer the Livewire, it is 50% more expensive than the SR/F and in truth it’s certainly not that much better. No way.

    Both bikes need more range, that’s true. Trouble is, that’s currently still really hard to achieve on a motorcycle, but as battery tech improves, so will the range of bikes like this which means it would be prudent to wait a couple of years. Make no mistake though, electric bikes are GREAT to ride. Far better than ICE. I’m looking forward to what the future holds.

  • Armand says:

    I 100% agree. Hd is not my thing. But some versions of the LiveWire iand Pan American got me wanting a Pan America…

  • Gunner says:

    I’m glad the industry is moving towards electric vehicles (in this case motorcycles). At present there are not a lot of options with manufacturers, but I will patiently wait until the mileage to improve. BTW Jasper, my wife is sexy and so is Marilyn Monroe……..never equate to a motorcycle being sexy….haha!!

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