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Bad News – Gasoline prices are soaring this riding season

By 07.05.20219 Comments

As we’re slowly riding out of the COVID-19 pandemic and return to normalcy, traffic is starting to increase, and those deserted back roads suddenly are packed with holidaymakers and people looking to make the most of the situation before they’re called back into the office.

After a year of lockdowns, people are itching to get out and spend the money they saved during the pandemic on new cars, new motorcycles and gasoline. This spending spree in combination with a move away from public transportation has created a new wave of inflationary pressure, hiking prices for most commodities, including gasoline.

The days of cheap, lockdown-era gasoline are gone, and they’re unlikely to come back anytime soon.

Depending on where you live, gasoline prices may have increased just a few cents per liter, or may have increased almost €0,50 per liter ($2.27 per gallon) over the course of a year. 

Gasoline prices in the Middle East and Russia have remained relatively stable, but prices in especially (Western) Europe and the U.S. have climbed significantly, with prices for premium gasoline in our home country the Netherlands nearing €2 per liter (a whopping $8.5 per US gallon).

While the U.S has a more favorable tax structure, nationwide average prices per gallon are now also approaching $3 per gallon, with prices in some states set to top $5 per gallon this summer as a result of tighter supply (thanks Texas Freeze) and a shortage of tanker truck drivers to deliver the juice.

Soaring fuel prices are, however, not expected to keep motorists of the roads this summer. The desire to travel and to freely roam around is simply too strong after a year of lockdowns.




  • Tim says:

    I don’t believe it has anything to do with COVID or shortage of drivers . I do know what the problem is though, it’s the current political party in office. It’s funny how that they say higher wages for everyone but they always see that gasoline prices and consumer goods go higher that the wage hike. Those people have alway been kept people and always will be as long as the people let them get by with it. Many of the politicians in office have never done a days work to amount to anything. So as long as the people keep feeding in to the BS we will always struggle to make a living.
    Wake Up People!

    • Sparkey says:

      Spot on. Lockdown had nothing to do with the prices being kept down. It was the policies of the previous administration that kept them down, and the policies of the present administration that are causing them to rise.

    • Pete says:

      George W had over $4/gal. It’s not all politics. Besides I’d rather pay $6 then deal with the last administration again.

  • JMI says:

    Its due to a confluence of factors related to changes in supply and demand, tightening policies by OPEC+ nations and the perception of traders weary of energy policy. So much for the claim by the prior US administration that USA had become energy indepenedent

  • Bruno says:

    As mentioned above, under the Bush administration it over $4/Gal.. putting the current increase under the new administration is wrong. OPEC has kept the oil price down for too long and have lost a lot of money with covid. Other aspect such as political tensions in the Arabic peninsula is another one impacting oil price. I don’t mind paying more and see that money being used to improve our education system which is very bad compared to many other countries, improve our medical care, rebuild bridges and roads etc. The current administration is doing an excellent job as oppose to the previous one led by mobsters. God bless America 🇺🇸!

  • Roberto Silveira says:

    Fuel prices all fuel prices are directly linked to current administrations and political parties who happen to be in power at the time. It’s naive to think otherwise. As long as fuel has be a commodity it’s affect and being affected by the administration is historical fact. To the hater who’s says he’s willing to pay $6 a gallon you will. Hope it does hurt to much for you but it will hurt many. It is what it is. BTW I also remember paying $5 a gallon during the Obama/ Biden years so using W as an example is just ignorant.

  • Patrick Bloomfield says:

    In the UK the prices are back over £1.20 per litre again with nearer to £1.30 being the norm, which is similar to pre-COVID prices.

    Whilst most of that goes into government taxes, I believe the fluctuation over the last year is simply down to supply and demand. Prices should stabilise as production rises to meet demand again.

  • DivoDave says:

    Dear Bruno, the last administration was the most transparent in the history of this great country. While DT wasn’t the politest of people he followed through with all of his campaign promises, despite being hamstrung by congress.
    Real mobsters are in awe of the Biden Cartel!

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