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Bacares – Velefique (Almeria, Spain)

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This relatively short road might be one of Europe’s best in terms of twisties and hairpins.

Riders can start the ride in Almeria and head up towards Tabernas (last chance to fuel up), where the road starts to become more interesting. From Tabernas on, the ride is pretty straightforward to Velefique where the real action starts.

Don’t forget to zip the liner into your jacket and take some cold-weather gloves with you as the temperatures can suddenly drop towards the Tetica de Bacares (the highest point on the route 2050m).

The stunning views on top, with on one side the Tabernas desert and on the other side the Sierra Nevada national park, and the high quality of the road make for an epic ride. 

Riders can extend their ride and take the entire loop on the A-1178 back to Gergal and the Tabernas desert towards America. 



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