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Are Motorcycle Sidecars making a Comeback in 2020?

By 13.01.20205 Comments
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Hate it or love it but sidecars are really something to consider when you are traveling long distance on a motorcycle. Or when you want to bring your dog along and look super cool. Besides the fact that it is totally different to ride with a drifter connected to your bike, it also matters whether you go for a metal or fiberglass construction. Read more about that here.

One of the most famous drifter manufacturers is located in Irbit, Russia, home of Irbitskiy Mototsikletniy Zavod, which literally translates into ‘Irbit Motorcycle Factory’, IMZ is a Russian maker of heavy sidecar motorcycles. We know it as the Ural factory and they have a presence in Redmond, WA. Check them our here.

Also in the state of Washington, in Buckly, you find DMC Sidecars and Motorcycle Accessories. DMC has created their Cargo Sidecar which allows for more than 14 cubic feet (over 28 liters) of storage space and looks pretty cool if you are into these things.

Have a look and please let me know what you think, is this just a fad or are they really making a comeback?

The Ural Baikal LE


  • Justin Waller says:

    Making a come back or not, I think sidecars are freaking cool. I owned a Ural for three years. I loved it, but the motorcycle part of it just wasn’t really what I wanted or needed. I was a bit hard on it, always breaking things. I don’t miss the motor, but I do miss the sidecar. I really want to put one on another bike. I’ve got a Triumph Scrambler which I think would make a great tug. It would look cool too. I miss being able to take my dog along on all-day trips. I miss the practicality of the sidecar. And, it’s a really unique ride which I also miss. It takes a totally different skill-set than riding 2 wheels. Probably, a more engaging ride.

    • Jasper says:

      Hi Justin! Good to hear! Let us know when you do get that sidecar. Please share some pictures with us that we can then feature in the Moto Intel Report.

      • Irvine Oliver says:

        Hi Justin
        I have a sidecar on my triumph scrambler 2010. great ride on and off road . I built the sidecar myself about 5yrs ago.i have photos but can’t work out how to load then .

      • Guido says:

        Hi Irvine,

        You can’t attach fotos here, but perhaps it’s a nice idea to open a forum topic on that. On the forum you cán add pictures.


  • John says:

    Just installed my second sidecar. First was a DJP matched up with a 1993 Suzuki VS1400 Intruder. Great rig.
    This time an Inder Beemer matched up with my 2009 Triumph Bonneville T100. Yeah I know why an Inder. It was cheap. New AUD4000.delivered
    Build quality 4 out of 10 but being a Fitter in a previous life I was able to overcome the quality issues. Had to almost rebuild the frame. Someone needs to buy these guys a tape rule and a square. Unfortunate cos they are generally not a bad unit.
    Anyways all up and running now and I love it. Have 25kg of steel plate bolted in the boot and it handles very well. Runs straight as a die. Next job lower the suspension from the factory 14inches to a more realistic 6-8 inches. Easy done on these rigs, just a little time. .

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