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5 Bucket List Motorcycle Routes

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To some, all roads are the same no matter where you travel. For others, every road is a magical escape to a land undiscovered and a trail never ridden before. If you’re one of the latter and love to venture into the special areas of the world on the back of your motorcycle, then you will be interested in learning more about some of the best motorcycle routes to include in your itinerary as you set of to explore the countryside, meet new people along the way and have fun taking the ride of your life.

Before venturing out, be sure to learn about a few road trip hacks like how to pack or what tools to carry to make your ride time more efficient, but most importantly, choose the right road to have the time of your life.

These are the roads you need to check out, and when you do so, be sure to take your camera along because you’ll want to capture every detail along the way.


1. The Pacific Coast Highway

If you love to travel the coastline of the west and check out small surf towns, hang out at isolated café’s or relax for a few days in quaint bed and breakfasts or luxury spas, the Pacific Coast Highway is a road trip you will love from start to finish. Whether you stay in California and hit places like Los Angeles or Santa Barbara or you choose to travel the highway to check out Santa Cruz and some great surf spots or San Francisco to have a night out on the town and a nice meal, this is a road trip you won’t want to miss out on.


2. Cabot Trail

If you have the chance to take a ride to Nova Scotia, Canada for a little scenic ride time, you’ll find a beautiful selection of winding roads where nature abounds and riders can enjoy time spent with nature by taking time to stopover at campgrounds along the way. Since you will need to travel outside the U.S. to get to Cabot trail, you may want to have contact information to have your motorcycle shipped to Canada where you can pick it up once you enter the country and then enjoy your road trip.


3. Beartooth Highway

This ride has been chosen as the best motorcycle ride in the United States by many riders and it lives up to its fame with some of the most amazing scenery in the nation as well as long and winding roads all throughout Wyoming and Montana. When you take a ride on this road trip, you can stop to visit Yellowstone National Park as well as sleep under the stars at local campgrounds, have a home cooked meal at a local roadside diner and really feel at one with your motorcycle as you spend hours on end taking the curves and enjoying the thrill of the ride.


4. The Tail of the Dragon

One of the curviest rides you will find in the USA and one that can be quite dangerous if you don’t pay attention every second of the ride. This ride is especially great in the fall when the leaves in the southern U.S. are changing colors as it borders both Cherokee National Forest and the Great Smoky Mountains as it crosses through North Carolina. Be sure to take some friends along and pack a camera because you won’t want to miss the photo opportunities on this road trip!


5. The Appalachian Mountains

The Appalachian Mountains offer a great escape for motorcycle riders who want to get away from the hectic lifestyle of the city and enjoy the best mountain terrain in the southern U.S. Riding through the Appalachian Mountains offers a wide array of roads to check out. While the Tail of the Dragon is located nearby, you can also travel to the Blue Ridge Parkway and though states like Virginia, Tennessee, North Carolina and even Ohio where you can find lush forests, old mills and natural springs in the woods, waterfalls and plenty of places to hike, camp and even catch a few fish during your road trip.

When you’re considering hopping on your motorcycle and taking a road trip to a place you’ve never visited, be sure to check out some of the excellent road trips above. As a rider, you already know that no matter where the road leads, adventure is just a quick trip down the road.

Author Bio: Chris Ward

Chris is a Harley rider and a big Sturgis fan. He owns the vehicle transport company A-1 auto transport. And yes, they also transport motorcycles 🙂 




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  • Craig says:

    As long as you’re considering the Beartooth (which is phenomenal), it’s worth the drive to catch the Million Dollar Highway between Silverton, CO and Ouray, CO.

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