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1972 Munch Mammoth or 1978 Honda CBX 1050?

By 24.08.2020December 23rd, 2020One Comment
Credit: Motociclismo

I know we mostly write about modern adventure bikes and that is for a reason. But there are definitely some beauties out there. Renowned custom bike builder Nick Christian is a big fan of the Munch Mammoth and swears by it but I prefer the sound of the Honda CBX 1050. Even though Nick says Honda didn’t have their sh*t together at the time, that sound is just, well, better than a F1 car! It comes to stage with an unparalleled symphony that makes necks turn around. Unfortunately it only produces a meager 105HP, which is not much nowadays.

credit: yesterdays

What do you prefer? Decide after watching (and listening) and let me know in the comments!

Video 1: 1972 Munch Mammoth

Video 2: 1978 Honda CBX 1050

One Comment

  • Don Waits says:

    While the Mammoth shows workmanship bordering on a work of art, the CBX has the unique sound. The closest analog to the sound of a six, is that of a mid-fifties Mercedes F1 car. The engine of which, is a 1.5l. DOHC straight 6. The CBX was hampered from a sales perspective by its inherent complexity, and price point. The Mammoth’s repurposed car engine has its advantages with serviceability. The CBX is a maintenance nightmare! That’s from personal experience. I own a 79 CBX chassis #20157

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