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Split a Route in multiple days


I'm trying Scenic for the first time, loving it so far. I've planned a 7d / 1500 miles trip, and when I saved it Scenic recommended me to split it into one route per day. The reason why I created it in one batch is that I prefer knowing the total length of the trip first before choosing where I'll sleep.

I'm a bit confused because I can't find an option to split the route in multiple routes. What's the best way to do this?

Thank you

At the moment there is no function to split a route (will be added in the future). What I recommend is to keep the big route and place stops where you want to stop. Make a folder for that trip and place the route in there.

Then duplicate as many times as there are days in the trip. Then go into the duplicates and remove the stretches you don’t need, only keeping the stretch for the day.

ill also be adding a feature to show a summary of all routes in one folder.

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Ah thank you! I'll try that and let you know if it went well.

An option to split a route into multiples ones adding "nights" would be amazing.

Hi Guido, I followed your recommendation and duplicated the route a few times and split it in sections by deleting the sections of the other days. The interface is very well built, and being able to delete points between 1 and X is very useful!

That being said, things got tricky when I realized that I had to change my schedule and move the 1st night by +/- 2hrs of riding, which led to modify the routes for all the following days to avoid days being too light / too heavy. Because all the routes are independent once you duplicate and split them, changing the 1st night forced me to basically restart from scratch, duplicate the total route again (glad I kept it as a backup), and restart splitting into multiple routes.

I'm sure you have other priorities and it's not on your roadmap, but I think it'd be fantastic to add a feature to add "nights" on a single total route to break it into multiple sub-routes. I'd be happy to share with you a few of the customer requirements and expected behavior from my experience.

I understand. It's on the list to add such a feature, but indeed, not a priority at this time.

Meanwhile, perhaps Furkot might be a good option to plan your routes? Furkot is web based thought, so not offline usable. But it's very powerful, and has the option to plan your entire trip with overnight stays. And the nice thing is that you can link your Furkot account to Scenic. Every trip you create in Furkot will be visible in Scenic then too. And, the other nice thing is that Furkot allows overnight stops... and Scenic recognizes this and creates one route per day for that automatically. Then you just need to import those days. In this help article there is a paragraph on Furkot:

If you're enjoying Scenic and are happy with the support, please leave a nice rating in the App Store. It would mean a lot to me ❤️

Furkot is great, I also use it, but I love Scenic so far, blame me for that 🙂

Fantastic app, keep up the good work!

It may not solve all of your issues, but notice the chevron at the bottom of the screen while you're planning brings up a list of all of your via and stops with interval mileage and total mileage. This may solve part of you problem.