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Ways and sources to Import

Scenic can import routes and waypoints in many ways, from many sources and many websites, apps and programs. Here’s a list of ways to import:

From other apps on your iOS Device

Scenic can open GPX files from others apps on your iOS Device. This can basically be any kind of app. A cloud storage app, another routing app, etc. As long as that app store or generates GXP files. Here are two examples:

Example 1: Import from Files App on iOS

If you have a GPX file in one of your cloud storage services (like dropbox, icloud drive, google drive), you can open it in the Files app (that’s an App that comes with your iOS installation) and open the GPX file there, like indicated.

Example 2: Download from Safari on iOS

In this example we’re visiting the site ‘motorcycleroads.com’ in the Safari iOS browser, and selecting one of the routes on that site. When you then click on ‘GPX File’ you’re asked to download the file. When you tap download, that file is saved to the downloads folder in your iCloud Drive. And from there you can go to the files app and open it to Scenic like indicated above.

Example 3: Import from Best Biking Roads App

From the Best Bike Roads (BBR) App you can open a GPX file directly into Scenic. Like BBR there are many other apps that have a collection of routes, downloadable/exportable to GPX format. Those can all be used with Scenic.

From Google Maps on your Desktop/Laptop

Scenic has a great and unique feature that lets you design your route in Google Maps on your desktop and import that into Scenic. Here is the section of the tutorial video that shows how this works:


By dragging GPS Files into the Scenic WebApp on your Desktop/Laptop

When you open the Scenic WebApp on your desktop/laptop browser you can drag and drop GPS file types to the Scenic WebApp. Supported file types are GPX, KML, KMZ, GDB and ITN. In fact this is the only way to get non-GPX files to Scenic. Here is the section of the tutorial video that shows how this works:


By using the ‘Send to Scenic’ button on Kurviger.de

Scenic has a partner program, where websites and apps that offer routes and/or route creation option can add a ‘Send to Scenic’ button to their website. Currently Kurviger.de is one of those website. Here is the section of the tutorial video that shows how this works:

By connecting Scenic to partner routing sites Furkot or RouteYou

Scenic currently works together with two routing sites, Furkot and RouteYou. You can connect Scenic directly to your account on those sites and Scenic will be able to see and import the routes your created / added to your account there.

Here’s how this works for Furkot.com. It works similar for RouteYou.

Furkot.com is a very powerful route planner, dare I say the most powerful route planner currently out there. You can plan entire multi-day trips on there, complete with hotel stops, restaurants, etc. You name it, Furkot can do it. It can handle any need even for the highest level of Navigation Experts.

RouteYou.com has a vast database of beautiful routes. It’s mostly focussed in western Europe at the moment. It has motorcycle routes, but also walking, driving, bicycling and hiking routes. Each route is accompanied by reviews, pictures and recommendations from locals.

By entering a direct URL to a GPX file in the app

Lastly Scenic can import GPX from a provided URL. Please note thought that this HAS TO BE A DIRECT URL. It can not be a wrapper URL (dropbox links are wrapper URL’s for example, so those won’t work). The link has to end with the .gpx extension.