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Optional On Screen Buttons for Like/Disklike/Hazard, etc.

I plan and create many rides ahead of time using Scenic and Google Maps in tandem.

When I navigate a newly created route for the first time it would be wonderful to have the means to actively evaluate and comment upon the route via easy to tap on-screen buttons. Such buttons could be optioned in via the settings menu and include, but not be limited to, such things as:

  • LIKE
  • LOVE
    • Uneven Surfaces
    • Construction
    • Dirt Road
    • Dangerous Corner/Bend

Many of the rides I plan and navigate may be anywhere from 3 to 6 hours long, and trying to remember notes about potentials roads or areas is rarely possible. But, such options would greatly improve the route creation and navigation experience(s).

Thank you.

I like the idea, and you are not the first one asking about such a feature (have a look here:

I do think the number of options in your list is a bit too high, if I'm honest. In order to keep it simple, usable (and safer) while riding, I'm thinking of adding a "thumbs up" and "thumbs down" button, or, even simpler, a "mark location" button, with the option to add a picture, category (that could be the categories you are listing), and a free-text comment. You could add that comment/category/picture at the moment (you'd have to stop for that, obviously) or afterward.

In a sense, this would be an expansion of an already existing feature. Currently, you can take pictures during a ride and add comment to those pictures. Scenic will place a pin on the map for each picture you take. Obviously, you need to stop for that. To take a picture during ride, tap the bottom bar where you see the time and distance to the destination and tap the photo button. To make it even easier, you can add a "quick pic" button to the map through Settings > Navigation & Tracking > Show Quick Pic button. Perhaps this is a good workaround for the moment.

The second part of this suggestion is: what to do with all these marked locations? Do they belong to the ride (i.e. you only see them when viewing the recorded ride... this is the case for pictures you take now). Or would you want to see them during planning of future routes? Do you want to see them on the map while navigating in the future? I haven't given this too much thought yet.


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I've made my own similar system using iOS shortcuts. You can see the thread where I mention it here...

It use a Scenic button to run the shortcut. It grabs my current location and checks if it is a good or bad road and then adds it to the notes app. You could certainly add more options without too much effort.

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