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Webapp integrations and/or API?

Hi there,

Been using the app for years with and without subscription, depending on needs. Currently I'm having another look again what's out there and compare features, and while there's a number of pretty good ones, I'd find it hard to justify to switch when looking at the actual app itself....especially if V3 gets more map layer options including satellite.

Now one thing that IS a bit nicer with some of the other services is their website integration. Basically to have the rides in a web-accessible place and potentially enhance them, add data, photos etc and share, maybe tag them etc. I get that that is an entirely different project and a lot of work that doesn't then go in the app.

But what about providing integrations with other services that are about managing GPS items, like Wikiloc or Ramblr or Google MyMaps etc? Similar to what you already do for getting other services INTO Scenic.

Or as a starter an API interface where a user can authenticate against and has access to their data. Then there might be possibilities for integrations that don't depend completely on you guys. Personally I was thinking to it would be nice if I could build something for myself in Drupal, which is what I work with mainly. But that could then become a contributed module for anyone to use.

Anyway, would love to hear your thoughts, cheers.


Hi Nic,

An extended WebApp like you are describing is definitely on the horizon. Additionally I would also like to integrate with more route / GPS management services (because everyone has its favorite mostly).

For my info… what kind of integration are you looking for… sending routes from Scenic too e.g. WikiLoc or from wikiLoc to Scenic?

Google My Maps has a little  integration already.

If not already seen here you can see all current integration methods here:

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Hey Guido,

Thanks for the response. Yeah I know most ways to import, although that page showed a few details that I didn't know, cheers. In fact Scenic is probably the most versatile one I've seen so far for import. I was more about getting saved rides (and routes) OUT of Scenic in a programmatic generic way. That way it doesn't depend on you writing something for a specific service for it to be possible.

One example is Strava...I guess it's kinda close since it also is about getting GPS data of activities. Here's their dev resource to just give an example of what I mean:

Now that's obviously really extensive and not suggesting anything like that scale...just a small subset of authenticating, getting a list of your rides with IDs and meta data and then being able to pull individual ones.

And to your other question, I'd mean from Scenic to WikiLoc, but was just an example.

I know the Google MyMaps > Scenic import via WebApp, but do you mean there is one the other way as well?


Hi Nic,

Well... Scenic can export routes and rides to the GPX file format. That is pretty generic and most other apps / programs can handle that format.

Connecting to API's from other apps is something I would consider if it would be a highly requested feature / offer many benefits. E.g. I have been looking into connecting with Relive. The problem with these outgoing integrations is that it's high-maintenance, because API's change all the time. If there's one outgoing integration that would still be fine, but something tells me if I add one, many will be requested. Not saying no, but at the moment there are higher priorities like getting Scenic 3 ready, CarPlay support and some new features I've been working on.

Hope you understand.

I know the Google MyMaps > Scenic import via WebApp, but do you mean there is one the other way as well?

No...that's the one I mean.


If you're enjoying Scenic and are happy with the support, please leave a nice rating in the App Store. It would mean a lot to me ❤️


I did a search of the forum for my "issue," and found this post.  Similar to the original poster, I think it would be great if there were a way to even simply access the URL of our rides via the web.

For me, I go on a ride on the weekend, record it using Scenic, and then want to share it with people, and sometimes view it on the big screen of my computer.  Currently, in order to do either of those, I have to pick up my phone, launch Scenic, tap on the Rides, then find the ride in question, then share it--either via AirDrop (I'm a Mac/iPhone user) or via an email to myself, if AirDrop isn't working right.

Once I have the link to my ride on my computer, I paste it into the email I'm sending my family/friends, or can simply look at the route map, myself, on the big screen.

I just wish it was a bit easier: for instance, if I could just log into via the web (on my computer, where I'm working 99% of the time), and click on a menu to access my rides.  Each one could be as simple as a Date and Time, which--when clicked--would open up the same web view that I get when I click on "Share" on a ride in the app.

Not a big deal, obviously, it just seems like a disconnect that doesn't exist in most apps that also have a web site (i.e. they let you access some/all data in either place).

Regardless, thank you for all of your efforts in making Scenic such a great resource!




Hi Doug,

I understood the original poster was referring to importing rides/routes from other source INTO Scenic. What you are referring to (if I understand correctly) is sharing rides that you recorded with Scenic, through a link. This is already possible. Have a look here:

Regarding being able to access your rides/routes yourself through the webapp, this is indeed still on the roadmap to add in the future.

If I misunderstood, please let me know,

Best regards,

If you're enjoying Scenic and are happy with the support, please leave a nice rating in the App Store. It would mean a lot to me ❤️