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Hey there,

I'm still new to using Scenic so excuse me if this is obvious to you but I created a route, see photo, and I just don't understand what all the waypoints are for. I found it annoying to have the waypoints to show during navigation as if it was something important. I would prefer not having any at all and only see navigation information. How can I create a route and not have any waypoints?

I understand the confusion. All routes with a curvy routing mode will have waypoint in them. Why? This is because of the way Scenic generates these curvy routes. How this works is as follows:

Scenic's core routing engine is provided by HERE maps. They don't have a curvy routing mode. So what Scenic does is this:

  • It contacts, sending your start and end coordinate.
  • Kurviger sends back a list of waypoints. These are waypoints you must pass to get a curvy route.
  • Scenic then calculates the route between the waypoints, which gives you the curvy route.

I hope this explains a bit better why the waypoints are there.

To create a route without waypoints, or less waypoints, you could go to the power planner. In the power planner you can also generate curvy routes. After the curvy route has been generated you can manually remove waypoints if you like. This can however change the route (make it less curvy). But, in general it should be possible to remove some waypoints without altering the route.

Hope this helps/explains. If not, please let me know if you have other questions. Happy to help.

Best regards and ride safe,

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Thanks Guido,

I have edited routes in the power planner before and removed waypoints but it is confusing because sometimes removing a waypoint alters the route so I then undo and add the waypoint back. Actually I wouldn't care if the waypoints were there but what is also annoying is when navigating the waypoints show on the screen as if it was a navigation command but can be absolutely nothing and dissapears as you move past the point.

Anyway I understand and appreciate your quick reply.


Ah... have a look here. This is why sometimes you see a turn instruction for an upcoming via point, and how to resolve this:

If you're enjoying Scenic and are happy with the support, please leave a nice rating in the App Store. It would mean a lot to me ❤️