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Voice guidance for GPX only with the route option, not with the track option

Hi Guido, I'm an old user of scenic and I love it. Gongrats for this application. I bought the premium version a few days ago.

When I download a GPX file in Scenic, I can do it as a track or as a route. With the route option in Scenic, the vocal guidance works  well, but not with the track option, no vocal guidance.

The problem is that with the route option, if I ride near the end of the route, Scenic says to me to turn to the end of the track, not following the real GPX track.

On the contrary, with the track option, it follow the GPX, but no voice guidance.

It would be a great enhancement for Scenic, to have the vocal instructions with the track option. An other app does it, Osmand plus. I own a Garmin Zumo XT, and I will sell it because it has the same limitations: no voice guidance if you choose to follow the track of the GPX.

Have an idea? Something I did wrong?

Thanks in advance

Nothing you are doing wrong. This is indeed the way that Scenic works.

Scenic can only give voice guidance if the route is on roads that the routing algorithm knows. Because for those roads it know where they are, when to turn left, when to turn right, how the junctions look, etc. If the routing algorithm doesn't know about the road network, it can not give instructions. When you save as a track (and not as a route) you probably do this because some of the roads are not known (dirt roads I imagine?).

Tracks are simply lines on the map. Even if the track would be in the ocean Scenic would draw the line. It's just a drawing. No logic behind it. You can only visually follow it.

I'm not very familiar with OSMand, but I imagine the instructions you get for tracks are not turn by turn instructions (e.g. in 300 meters take the 2nd exit at the roundabout). Rather, the instructions will be more limited I suspect. I'm guessing the app looks at the shape of the track (of the line) and say something like "now go slightly left" or "go sharp right" or even "go northeast" (I'm just guessing so could be different). It won't say anything about the kind of junction you are approaching, or even if it's a junction at all. You would even get an instruction if there is no junction, but in stead the ongoing road just bends sharply.

If you're enjoying Scenic and are happy with the support, please leave a nice rating in the App Store. It would mean a lot to me ❤️

Osmand is able to calculate a route out of a GPX track. This is done with a quite fine waypoint-resolution, so the route matches the chosen track very closely as long as the track lies on roads or paths, which the installed map includes.
After a route has been calculated out of the track, you do get turn-by-turn instructions!
However its never 100% right, just the same as it is with Kurviger-routes imported to Scenic. Just following the (offroad-)track visually makes much more sense to me because of that.