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Using Scenic in Background

Is it possible to use another Routing App like TomTom or google Maps and use Scenic in the Background to safe my route and trip etc?


Or is it stopping to track when its in the background?

Shouldn't be a problem. Scenic will also track in the background. But, make sure that Scenic has 'Always' location access, otherwise it might stop recording at some point. Why? See here for explanation:

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Thx for Answer.... danke für die Antwort. Ich muß weiterhin mein altes Iphone nutzen 😉 Android steht ja noch nicht bereit.


Ich werde das mal probieren wie es geht.



I do this every now and then. I have my route on Scenice, get into some town, need to make a deviation, open Google Maps or Apple Maps, plot the goal, go there on their instructions, then go back to Scenic which has calculated how to continue my trip 🙂 This is the easiest and guickest and cleanest way of doing it as I thereby dont mess up my original route, which you may doing changes in a hurry on a small screen.. 🙂

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I guess you receive voice directions from both apps at the same time?… confusing?

No problem. I normally mute the one I don´t use at the moment. Sometimes I forget, but I have them on different language 🙃