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Traveling to Europe - What are limitations of no cellular service but unlimited data service SIM card for iPhone

I am planning a trip from the USA to Greece this summer. Wanting to use the Scenic App for my route planning and navigation. I have entered and saved all the locations that I think I am going to visit.

My iPhone will be equipped with two SIMs. One SIM card from my USA cellular carrier and I will also install an European eSIM card with an unlimited "data-only" plan--no cell/text, etc- Just data.

My plan is to disable the US carrier's SIM card for cellular service. I will not need cellular while traveling. I will use the European data card for communications via WhatsApp and Viber for my voice call needs while on the road and no Wi-fi.

My question is will I have any limitations while using the Scenic app on the iPhone that will have cellular plan disabled? I have already downloaded the "Greek" offline map and using it as backup.

Based on the answer, I may have to upgrade the European "data-only" eSIM to one that has unlimited European cellular service as well, but trying to avoid that if at all possible.

When travelling around in Europe, I use my extra iPhone X for navigation only. When, in use, I switch on Airplane Mode as the only thing you need, after having downloaded the off-line maps, is the GPS signal. In this state, the phone uses limited amount of power, and you have all navigation functions available 😊

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Yep. Scenic doesn’t require data at all. Here is a very extensive forum post that explain everything in detail:

Also, let me explain the difference between cellular service and data. Cellular service is the connection with the mobile phone network/service. That connection can provide data and (normal) phone calls. If you have a data only plan the SIM card provider simply blocks the phone call part, but you still have a cellular service. It’s just that the plan you got is data only. In any case, Scenic doesn’t need cellular service at all if you have the offline maps downloaded. The GPS receiver in your phone is completely separate, and will function, without cellular service.

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