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Start Route without having to Save

When using the power planner, it would be great if I could click a button to start routing WITHOUT having to save the route first. I don't always want to save a route, but I do often find it counter-intuitive that there is no 'Start' button available in the power planner.

I like your suggestion. I will add it to the list.

Meanwhile, you can create (simple) routes right in the start screen. By searching, or tapping and holding the map you can add destination and additional stops. Doesn't work as nice as the power planner, but for a route with a few stops it's quick, and the route isn't saved.

If you're enjoying Scenic and are happy with the support, please leave a nice rating in the App Store. It would mean a lot to me ❤️

Excellent! Thank you!

I would like to support this request.
First time I used PowerPlanner, I felt at a total loss not being able to start the navigation. Took me a little while to figure out that I had to save the route first, then access it from the routes folder.

Congratulations on a excellent app, otherwise! PowerPlanner is an awesome functionnality!