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skipped waypoint

Hi everyone, I am very happy with Scenic. I have two wishes. I cannot operate my cell phone with the gloves on. If you miss a waypoint for whatever reason, you will be asked whether it should be skipped. The default is probably no. It would be practical if the logic in the options could also be reversed, so that the waypoint is skipped and the next one can be approached. Another wish would be that / or the time and route to the next waypoint are displayed below, possibly also optionally selectable.

best regards
from Berlin


In Settings > Navi Nerd Details there is a setting "Skip Via/Stop as default". Think carefully though if you want to turn that on, because if you do, even the slightest detour (maybe you pull over to a gas station) will initiate Scenic to delete the next waypoint from your route and reroute directly to the one after that. Detour again, and that one will be deleted too. Food for though 🙂.

The time/distance to next waypoint will be added in Scenic 3.

Best regards,

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