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Hi !

I am using Scenic since 1,5 years now and it works fine.
At the moment i am using simple Apple earpad to listen the navigation.

Now i am thinking about using SENA 50S

Has someone already tried that in combination with SCENIC APP ?

Any feedback is welcome




Hi Dietmar,

There are a few users having problems with the Sena SMH5. Check here: and here:

Ive also had some email feedback of sena users having problems. Way less email from cardo users.

My personal advice: unless you have buddies with a Sena and you want to intercom with them, go for the Cardo. It’s simply better!  It’s not only me saying this... various reviews all find the Cardo better and easier to use. Just search YouTube for “Sena vs Cardo”  Sena only does one thing better than Cardo: marketing!


If you're enjoying Scenic and are happy with the support, please leave a nice rating in the App Store. It would mean a lot to me ❤️

As for using with Scenic. It will work just fine. More or less similar that your normal earbuds be it wired or Bluetooth. The only thing that’s different is that the Sena and Cardo have more connections audio inputs (intercom, music, phonecall, fm radio, gps) and that’s where it sometimes goes wrong. E.g. by default the voice guidance instructions won’t come through if your buddy is talking to you over the intercom. That’s a matter of priorities that the Sena and cardo give to their various inputs. Depending on your model that’s configurable.  In that case you might want to change the voice output to ‘as phone call’ in Scenic.
Hope this helps you a bit further.

If you're enjoying Scenic and are happy with the support, please leave a nice rating in the App Store. It would mean a lot to me ❤️

Hi Guido,

thx for your feedback.

If money is not the factor, which one out them ywould you suggest ?




If my helmet would be compatible with the pack talk slim, I would take that (there’s a compatibility list on their site). It’s a less intrusive (and less wind catching) design. Otherwise I’d go for the bold, or maybe the black. Technology and feature wise they are all three the same. I think the black has bigger speakers but otherwise looks pretty similar to the bold

If you’re only going to use it for music and phone (no intercom) or perhaps passenger only intercom, than take a look at their freecom series.

But if money were no object I’d take one of the packtalks just to have the option of mesh intercom, should any of my buddies get it in the future.

In fact... I just got a new helmet and thinking about the packtalk slim myself. First waiting for a new windscreen to see if that helps reduce helmet noise. ( I’m currently using Bluetooth in-ear earbuds which help with noise isolation, but tend to fall out when putting on the new helmet. ). Windscreen might reduce noise enough to go without earplugs on shorter rides... and in that case will get packtalk slim.

(keep an eye on the blog for updates 🙂)

If you're enjoying Scenic and are happy with the support, please leave a nice rating in the App Store. It would mean a lot to me ❤️

For what its worth: I have tried the 50S with a group of riders that also included the 50R

Biggest difference to the Cardo Bold/Black:

1.) Sena has very bad Wind noise suppression/cancelation. Lots of fiddling around with sensitivity all the way down to the lowest level. In a group of 3-4 riders there seems always someone broadcasting wind noise, because the helmet is open, the mic slightly misplaced or somebody is breathing to heavyly into the mic. That Cardo Bold/Black works out of the box with minimal or no adjustments to sound settings

2.) In mesh mode (default for the Cardo) the Sena 50S/R lasts at times only 2-3h before asking for a recharge. The Cardo we have used for 8-10h rides and even when it says its low (25%) you can typically go for another 2h)

3.) The JBL speakers of the Cardo have much better low frequency/bass support

Other than that both work well with Scenic.

I don't want to turn this into an argument, but I use the Sena 50S with a a couple of my buddies with a mix of models, and I will agree that we get wind noise, typically from the rider with his shield open for fresh air. I use the simple mic (not the boom mic) that I tuck under my cheek pad. I never generate wind noise.

I chuckle at folks spouting "deeper bass" or whatever since at 65mph, with road and engine noise, can you really tell?

However, we get much better battery performance than you are. On a recent ride the headsets were still going strong after 6 hours, when we stopped for lunch. Some of us recharged while eating. We did finally lose comms around the 10 hour mark. We had used Bluetooth mesh for much of the ride, but we wanted to use Open Mesh too, and it worked great. If you are not getting 8 hours out of your battery, replace it. There are good YouTube videos, and Amazon lists the batteries by model, since the 50S and R use different batteries. I replaced my battery after about 18 months and it took me less than half an hour. Next one will take 15 minutes.

Cardo or Sena... I always recommend buying the model for group riding. Folks think they only need their music or phone integration, but once you add one buddy to your riding, you're going to wish you had bike-to-bike comms. Even in a group of 5 to 10 riders, it makes a huge difference in anxiety/enjoyment if the Captain and the Sweeper can communicate.

Having never used a Cardo myself, I cannot speak for it, but you can recharge the Sena while you are using it, and it recharges pretty quickly. Cardo may or may not be better than Sena, but I'm very happy with my Sena, and will continue to use it and recommend it.

Your mileage may vary!

I happen to ride with a Cardo Edge now. I had a 50S. Two separate units (both on long trips) got destroyed in the rain. The fact they sell a motorcycle comm system that is not fully water tight is almost criminal. YMMV...I was just out of warranty and that was that. Yea the battery life is crap on the 50S and even if you can top it off during a gas stop...its still a pain. I will give them a nod to ease of mesh tho. There is zero wind noise reduction that I can tell.

The Cardo seems to work great, has excellent sound and is fully IP68 rated. As of the latest firmware,  you can now pair Cardo to Sena using Universal Intercom on the Sena and Bluetooth Bridge on the Cardo...not the janky second mobile phone pairing like before. I was able to chat with my old 20S this way, so theres that.

Hope the firsthand experience from a guy who has had both units helps.



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