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Scenic route and Google My Maps

I’ve created a route in Scenic.  I plan to navigate using Scenic.  The others on my trip are all using the google maps app /my maps.  They downloaded my Scenic gpx file and loaded it in google my maps successfully and it plotted what I believe is the same route. They all plan to ride using that google my map feature

My question is this: How identical will the routes be?  Should the Scenic route be the same as the route my friends are seeing?

What hiccups should I expect?

When I’m getting ready to make a turn, will my friends say that their screens are showing a different turn down the road ?

I’m hoping it’s identical so we can all simultaneously navigate using both Scenic and Google maps/my maps.

I doubt they will be exactly the same due to different routing algorithms but you might be lucky. The only real way of knowing is to compare the two routes. Just out of interest how do you get a GPX file into Google Maps ? On IOS I cannot see a way of doing it.

I guess your friends are using Android phones. If they have iPhones then the solution is easy, get them to buy into Scenic. Far better if they are all navigating using the same app and settings.