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routing options main road

I noticed curvy, curvy fast and extra curvy have an option to avoid main roads. Those require start and finish points

If creating my route from zero and using "short" mode (also fast/balanced), avoiding main roads is gone.

Would there be benefit to include that option in every routetype? Or is this unchangeable in the "here framework"?

Sorry...that's unchangeable indeed.
Scenic uses for the curvy routings, while the 'normal' routings (short/fast/balanced) come from the HERE framework, which doesn't have the option 'avoid main roads'.

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thnx I suspected that. A workaround I realise now is to use one of kurvigers routing options. I.e. take extra curvy. Choose the routing options.  Select start & endpoint en generate. Then delete all via's (in the menu, very easy) and insert my own via choices.

Sometimes,  You need that method to "hold down" that "via x"  button to force the right order of via points.

a very nice app to use!