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round trip error - reached destination after 50 meters

either this is an old bug, or introduced in one of the last updates.

Whenever i plan a roundtrip with "extra kurviger" voodoo included, the route is generated.

Then i start driving and about 50-100 meters after the beginning and following the route, scenic is telling me "destination is reached". Doesn't matter that the planed route has a duration of several hours.

I'm guessing here, but i think it has something to to which direction focus i'm selection (NW, N, NE, W,"middle",E,SW,S,SE

The one which mostly works, is the one in the middle, the other mostly fail.

Is this known?





This bug has always been there, but doesn't always manifest. It's one of the quirks of the current map&routing framework (one of the most important reasons why I'm switching to a new framework in Scenic 3).

What happens is that when a route contains the same stretch twice (like is often the case with a round trip where the start- and end stretch is the same), it sometimes things you are on that stretch the 2nd time, while you are actually there the 1st time, removing all of the route between the 1st and 2nd time (with a roundtrip that's the entire route).

To work around this the best you can do is double check the round trip after generation, and then, if it's using the same road around the start/end point, try to remove/add some via points to prevent that. If need be, also move the start and end point a little bit apart.

In Scenic 3 this will be completely resolved, but until that time, this workaround is best.

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