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Release date for Scenic 3

I am thrilled to have Scenic in my life.  In particular at this time when the World is trying to resume normal operations from COVID 19.

We as riders are anxious to hit the road and discover and use our chosen tool - SCENIC to help us plan, consider and ultimately enjoy this Summer’s riding season!

I am certain those who develop SCENIC are no doubt perfectionists.  It is apparent as you engage the current version and learn of the lofty plans for the next release.  Let me go on the record and state that I am both appreciative to have such a tool as this and will continue to be loyal as the next version is rolled out.

I would sincerely recommend the developers try their best to deliver version 3 as early in this special Summer-season as possible so that the collective SCENIC family can experience the benefits as envisioned by the collective developers minds.   We will certainly understand if the initial version 3 release is in some forms less than perfected.  But we are on this journey together and this Summer, above all Summers is one where we all could use all the help we can get.  Let us ride with your best thinking in our midst!

Thank  you!

Respectfully, James Schuitema

Thanks for the kind words James. I appreciate you taking the time for it. I will do my best to get it out there as soon as possible.

However, as mentioned in the latest newsletter, it’s going to be towards the end of this summer I’m afraid.

Not trying to perfect it and I know that a lot of people who already use Scenic will be more ‘forgiving’, but I do need to get it to a level where new users don’t abandon the app because of incomplete functions or bugs.

Hope you understand.

All the best,


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Certainly respected!  Looking forward to the next generation experience!

I’m very happy to keep using the current version until you set up v3 to your satisfaction, even into next spring if need be. I’ve been hesitant to encourage others to get into it without saying, “but a new version is coming”, and “they’ll do Android at some point”, so a bit of growth paralysis there.  But make it a product you’re satisfied with enough to launch and we’ll catch up then. Thanks very much, Guido!