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Paid for forever but still on yearly

Hi Guido, I have purchased the forever option for £69.99 but my account still says yearly, sorry for putting this on the forum but all other methods don’t appear to be working.
Regards, Trimmer

Hi Trimmer,

Thanks for letting me know about the other methods not working. I was not aware the ‘email me’ button disappeared from the website. Will have a look at that ASAP.

Now or your problem: When you upgraded to Premium Forever through the Scenic WebApp, there was a message on the website stating that you should manually cancel your yearly subscription. This can only be done by the owner of the Apple ID and can’t be done automatically. You also should have received a reminder email about that.

I'm assuming you missed that message and did not see or receive this email reminder (is blocked by some providers). So now, your yearly sub has renewed and overwritten forever. I have corrected this now, but there are two things you need to do:


First: Cancel your subscription ASAP. So that you are not charged on the next renewal date. Only you can do this as the owner of the Apple ID. You can do this through Scenic > Me > Premium & Offline Maps > Change/Cancel Subscription, or you can use this link: You will remain premium forever!


Second: Request a refund from Apple for this year’s charge. You can do this through this link:

Hope this helps/explains. If not or if you have other questions please let me know. Happy to help.

Best regards and ride safe,


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Thanks Guido, I had not seen the note about cancelling the yearly subscription but all is working as expected now, many thanks for your prompt reply.