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North Up Toggle for Carplay


I've been using Scenic via CarPlay for my first few times. Is it possible to toggle between North Up and a rotating compass depending on which direction you're heading? I know you can do this with Scenic on a phone but I haven't figured out how to switch North Up to off with CarPlay. I'm sure others besides myself would love this functionality if it's an option (or if it already exists and I'm just not finding it).

Thank you!


Hi Kyle,

I suspect you did not tap the 'Start Ride' button on CarPlay. You see, if you are in the main/start screen on CarPlay this is a simple 'follow' mode. Yes the map will move with your, but will always be in 'north up' mode and your ride won't be recorded. If you however tap the 'start ride' button... will go into 'navigation' mode (if you did not select a destination or a route it will go into 'tracking' mode). And in Navigation/Tracking mode, CarPlay will use the same setting (North Up or Heading Up) as you set it on your last iPhone navigation session here:

P.S. If that button says 'north up' like in the screenshot, it means Switch to North Up. In other words, the current state is 'heading up'.

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Beautiful - Thank you so much, Guido. I was indeed navigating at the time, but I was trying to use the compass as the North Up toggle button on CarPlay like you can within the Scenic app. Good to know that it can just follow whatever is set in Scenic, I must have just had it in North Up for some reason, which is not common for me.