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new website and other things

Hi Guido, congratulations on the new website, it looks great. Definitely well done

Over the summer i did 1000 miles with Scenic, mostly a very positive experience, with some glitches when i wanted to add new waypoints/stops while enroute (eg a lunch place, or a filling station, or a sight seeing spot). One or twice "skip next via point" helped, but in general Scenic was so confused that i ended up having to quit the ride and start afresh several times. I guess one point is that when you skip the next via point you can't see where it is (or at least i couldn't) so you might end up making it worse by removing something you instead want to keep.

Anyway, i thought to myself it definitely is a diminishing returns game to debug Scenic and the effort should go into testing the new beta. Which brings me to the question: when will it be available?


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Hi Miros,

Good call on not spending too much time debugging this. Indeed this is undergoing a significant change in Scenic 3. You will get an email about the beta very soon 🙂.

Best regards,

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