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Nested Folders

Could we have nested folders (of routes and locations) to make organisation easier? I find Basecamp’s library of nested folders and lists to be one of its most useful features.

Understand what you mean. Unfortunately this is a really big change which I'm not ready to do at the moment. Basically it's due to the database design decision I made early in the development. Making nested folders possible would mean I'd have to change the database model (the backbone of the app and server data storage). I'll probably need to that in the future anyway for other things too, so I'll wait until I have a few of those items so that I can combine them and only have one such a structural change. Hope you understand.

What I ám working on is a new design of this whole screen that I believe will make it more user friendly and intuitive. That will be for Scenic 3 (next motorcycle season)

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This capability does not yet exist; ?

I second the suggestion.