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More road name detail on the map

Eg. I’m in the edit mode or just panning and zooming around and there’ll be a road that takes up the full screen yet it is unlabeled - I have to mess around with zooming so the road eventually becomes labeled.

I can see why all roads are not labeled at all zoom levels, but it would be nice to have something in between. Better control - like in map settings or fine tuning.

Here’s an example where even the route road isn’t labeled and how much I had to zoom in to see a label.


At the moment I can’t change this unfortunately. It’s controlled by the HERE map framework, and they are not offering ways to customize the zoom level at which elements show. I’ve already submitted a feature request for this to them, since you are not the first one asking about this.

Having said that, the big update I am working uses the new map framework. It looks like things improved somewhat. Big update will be available in January the latest.

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