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Marking/rate only parts of a route


i want to start every post with saying THANK YOU for that greatful app!

It‘s already possible to rate complete routes. This feature is sometimes useful, but i would prefer to mark or rate only parts of a route. Is this also already possible? Or maybe a new feature for the future…
For explanation: i‘m often exploring new routes to get from A to B. And sometimes i have the need to mark parts of the route that were especially nice or bad to drive. That would help me to generate a new and better route for the next time.

br Dominik

Hi Dominik.

You may use Powerplaner to great a route filled up with your preferred roads and make it public afterwards.

Regards, Mex

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Hi Dominik,

I understand your request. You want to rate stretches (parts) of a route, not the whole route. For example, a route starts in the city and then goes into the mountains. You only want to rate/review the mountain stretch. I'll add it to the list, but this is a big change. It needs some thoughts on how this would be implemented. Rating part of the route is one thing, but then how would this be visible on the map, etc.

Indeed like Mex says... as a workaround for now, you could create a new route in the Power Planner, with just that stretch and then put that route in a specific folder. Then you can make that folder visible in the 'Show on Map' dialog (3rd button from top left).

Hope this helps/explains. If not or if you have other questions please let me know. Happy to help.

Best regards and ride safe,

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If you're enjoying Scenic and are happy with the support, please leave a nice rating in the App Store. It would mean a lot to me ❤️

Hello Guido,

thanks for your fast response!

Yes, for example - i drove a route from A to B  and  through this route i was going through stretch/part that was especially good und i want to mark it on the planned route with a comment or maybe with a green mark only along the good sector. Or the opposite case - i felt a stretch/part was extremly bad because of road issues and want to mark it red.

These possibilies good be only "notes" like a marking color which overlays the route map or something like this. Maybe this feature also makes only sense for recorded rides.

Your work around is also an good idea to handle this. I'll try how about its practicable.

thanks in advance

br D


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Maybe it can be realised by cutting the recorded route. So only matter left: how to „mark“ the part (while riding).

A) setup shortcuts (Apple Kurzbefehl) and get the gps position in a notice? This works well.

B) …



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