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Map error in Texas

There is a flawed highway that shows it’s only one way when it’s split divided and a two way  Highway. Can’t use mapping as it won’t  route the right way and forces a long out of the way area. . It’s Hwy 59 where it  intersects FM 942.  North of Livingston. It’s divided Highway due a while then combined, but it’s still fire lanes, two each way.

Today a new Scenic update (v2.4.1) was released (you can see version number at bottom of Settings tab), with a new map version. If you are not running 2.4.1 yet, could you go to the App Store Scenic page and update the app from there. After update, when you startup Scenic, follow the red badges (go to 'Me' tab > Premium & Offline Maps > Offline Maps > 'Update Map Version').


I hope this solves the issue. If not, I'm afraid I can't do anything more at this point. These errors are from the current map provider. In Scenic 3 I'm switching to an all new map provider though. That will resolve this issue for sure.

Sorry about this.

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That was fast. Updated and it’s fixed. Thanks for the help.