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Make current location a stop during a ride

When going on a ride or using a predetermined route and I stop, is there a way of adding the current location as a stop for future use.

for example: your driving through the country and pull over in a abandon parking area where are there used to be a structure for a break. You pause your trip, there’s no building anymore or anything that determines what it used to be to search for. The only option I see is to add a stop searching for “fuel” , “parking” etc…, not current location. The only option I have found so far is using the finish ride feature then, use edit route to make a stop and starting the route over again. Doing this renders multiple rides on the same day instead of one continuous trip.

Hi Rick,
Would you like to, while riding along, mark the location you are at the moment and save that for future use?  E.g. a rest place, a nice view, etc.? If so, indeed there currently is no way to do that, but it's on the list to add that in Scenic 3. Here's a forum topic on it: Quick location marker while ridin …

If I misunderstood please let me know.

All the best,

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This is what I do nowadays. Get to the spot I wanna mark, and take a photo clicking on the Photo button within the app (which by the way, has to be enabled in settings). Once the route is finished, the photo is saved along with the route at that specific location - you can actually see it on the map. So that's an easy way to at least mark some sort of reference to that location so you can then add it as a POI.

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