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Live tracking

Love your app, and its my preferred app for tracking. However, my wife like to see where I am when I’m driving and to check that all is good:) In Detecht she get a link to my journey automatically to her phone and she is even notified if I crash. Is this something you might consider adding?

Maybe in addition to desktop planning...:-)


All the best, and thanks again for a great app!


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It’s on the list to add. Meanwhile perhaps you could use Apple’s own ‘Find My’ app or share your love location through WhatsApp? (No crash detection but at least your wife knows where you are)

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Hello Guido,

I just want to draw some attention to these topic. 🙂

And a humble tip, there is a great PlugIn for Wordpress CMS, Trackserver from Martijn Grendelman ( The PlugIn Uses various protocols (Like: TrackMe or OSMand) maybe its possible to use one of these protocols for live tracking? I think some of you're users uses Wordpress. And maybe it can provide some additional revenue, if you provide a sharing host, for you?

Kind regards

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Hi there, is there any progress to adding a safety/ crash detection feature?

Haven’t had time/priority to look at this yet. Sorry.

If you're enjoying Scenic and are happy with the support, please leave a nice rating in the App Store. It would mean a lot to me ❤️

When do you anticipate being able to look into this feature?

Live tracking, a very useful feature if it could be implemented. I don’t know about What’App, but Apple’s Find My app only shows current location, not progress on a route, or tracking. I remember using SpotWalla on my Iron Butt run (coast to coast within 50 hours) from Santa Cruze to Jacksonville Beach a few years back. My cousin could see my progress across the states, and be there to meet me at the end of my ride.

Scenic already does it on our phone, as we ride. It would be great if the route were to be communicating back to the website where the live image could be accessed by invited guests, and shown on their browser. I would pay credits to be able to open a spot on a/the server for a week or two for this purpose.

I decided a while back to not upgrade to paid SpotWalla because I figured Scenic could be just as good a vehicle for this service if there were enough demand for it.