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Issues with importing routes from Google maps

Hi, I am trying to import routes into scenic that a friend has created in Google maps. He has sent me the link to the files and I have successfully downloaded them via the web app and they are in my download queue. When I go into the import option for one days route it then gives me multiple options of downloads (there should only be one?!) what is the difference between the various imports and why does it do this? Thanks!

One route has the Garmin extension and is more suitable for import into Garmin devices. The track is the entire list of coordinates. You can import that too, but you will loose the stops your friend defines. Best to import the first route.

Or, even better yet: Ask your friend to share the link to this route with you. That way you can add this route directly to your Scenic, skipping the import queue step.

here’s how:


Basically, your friend should select the route and the tap the share button below the map preview. That will generate a link, which your friend can send to you.

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