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I'm sorry if this is well known but....

I love Scenic so far... I've routed a short trip this week that will take me a tank and a half away. Is there a place where you can see the distance with some sort of "mile marker" so I know where to start planning for a gas stop? Specifically, my Vespa has a theoretical 150 mile range. I get nervous at 120, so I want to plan a gas stop 100 miles into my trip. Is that possible? Did I overlook something?


Sorry, that’s not possible at this moment. You would have to eyeball it for the moment. Or, remove the destination and place a last stop marker more or less where you think you need to get gas. Now you can see the total distance and move that stop accordingly until you get it around 100 mi. Then search for gas stations around that point.

Maybe making the scale view visible (Settings > Map Elements) might help a little bit too

In Scenic 3 I have foreseen something for this but until that time I’m afraid this is the way to do it.

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Thanks for the quick response.

Your implementation of via points and stop points is exactly what I was looking for in a routing tool. And, as an experiment, I've imported the gpx file from the Tour of Honor website, actually, I hovered over the link to the download in the ToH site, copied the link... popped back into Scenic, pasted, and BAM! Now I can see when I'm routing near one, and can add it to my route.