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How does Scenic work with Multi Day routes?

I have been planning a route for an 8 day trip in Furkot. Using Furkot's  'stay the night here'  overnight stop at the end of each day. I will be closing Scenic on my phone when I arrive at my 'stay the night'.

My questions are:

  1. Will Scenic recognise the overnight stop and if so, how does that show in the Scenic App?
  2. Does Scenic recognise the date (set in Furkot) for each over night stop?
  3. If so will it automatically route me for the relevant date by the date on the iPhone?
  4. When I open Scenic the next day, will it resume the navigation at the overnight stop, or will it try to route me to the Start again?
  5. If I open the app a distance away from the overnight stop, will Scenic route me back to the overnight stop before routing me to the next waypoint or stop.

Would it be better if I created a separate route for each day and overnight stop?

Thank you - I am enjoying learning Scenic


It's a bit simpler than that in Scenic.

When you import this trip into Scenic (using the furkot row in the Import screen in Scenic), you'll notice that Scenic split up the big Furkot trip in one route per day. You have to import and save those routes separately.

I recommend creating a folder in your route list, and saving these routes in that folder. Then, every day you select the route for that day. I also recommend saving the ride at the end of each day and saving those rides in a separate folder.

So... at the end of your trip, you should have 8 routes and 8 rides in Scenic.

Hope this helps/explains. If not or if you have other questions please let me know. Happy to help.

Best regards and ride safe,

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Great! Thank you Guido.