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From St. Louis to Canada (Sarnia, Ontario, Canada)

My nephew and I are traveling on our bikes from the St. louis, MO area up to Canada. We are meeting some Canadian friends who are going to meet us in the vicinity of Sarnia. Scenic takes me up up 55 to 94 pas Chicago, then to 69. I would prefer to stay away from Chicago,  or any big city for that matter. I tried using avoided highways and it just has me going through towns and avoids highways at the cost of making nonsensical turns through neighborhoods. I would like to make the most of the travel time but avoid busy interstates and see some of the countryside but I don't want the trip to be extended unnecessarily just to avoid highways. We would be fine with traveling up 55 or (70 as an alternative route) but get off the highways before congested or big city's. Suggestion would be appreciated. (My Canadian Traveling companions already have our Canadian leg planned out for us)

I recommend to use the Power Planner (available via the Side menu), to plan your trip. Plan one route per day.

  • Drop start and destination flags for the day on the map
  • Generate a fast curvy route avoiding highways (use the routing button)
  • Then make adjustments to your liking by adding/moving/deleting via points to force the route to take the roads you want.

For more info, there is a short tutorial video on the power planner, available through the ⓘ button top left in the Power Planner.

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