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Frequent crashes and broken routes


have been Scenicing for ¾ of a year and racked up almost 60k points. Mostly in California and this summer in the Austrian/Italian Alps.

First of all the crashes have become very frequent. Did a 300km round today in Austria (Nockalm, Sölkpass & Co) and had 3 crashes just today. IPhone 12 Pro Max 512GB with everything on the very latest release as of today. Over the past 3+ months crashes have started slowly but gotten worse. Lost probably 1000+ miles of tracking so far. I’m riding multiple bikes and on the Goldwing with CarPlay I often don’t look at the Scenic screen and only discover that it had crashed a while later.
Getting to the point where this is no longer trustworthy.

On the routing issues others have reported, in California it has been manageable although on a recent 5000 mile mountain passes tour of California, we ended up on dirt and loose gravel too many times and in one case on a true 4WD off-road road that almost got us stranded. (Checkout Bowman Road near Lake Tahoe)

In Austria and Italy its an entirely different thing. Scenic is beyond unusable. The number of times it sent us in closed to traffic backroads, dead ends, gravel traps is beyond comprehension.
Our group is now using Scenic for daily routes, but often Apple Maps to get to the next Stop simply because the routing of Scenic is not trustworthy and will often change simply because the app recalculates things on the fly even in pro mode just because it gets confused by mapping the current location onto a side street that runs in parallel to the actual road ridden. Vias are useless and even stops disappear from the route randomly, especially with loops that have the same entry and exit. Try riding the famous Seiler Runde in the Dolomites, just to realize Scenic Auto deleted 3+ famous mountain passes in its confusion about where to go next. BTW forget adding them back in. The edit logic is broken and adding just a single stop eg gas station usually deletes all others with no way to go back into an existing route.

As much as we like the overall app, Route guiding issues together with frequent crashes is making Scenic unusable.

I realize V3 is supposed to come soon, but to be honest, some of use will not wait much longer. Yes it’s hard to walk away from tens of thousands of logged miles, but it’s getting to the point where the competition is catching up and apps that used to be useless are now serious contenders.

Sorry for venting, but it is frustrating when tech gets in the way of enjoy such a great hobby.

I am really sorry for the bad experienced you had. I know how frustrating it can be to have a nice ride being spoiled by tech that's not working like it should. Tech should help and enhance the experience and not take away from it. I am working very hard to change this with Scenic 3.

The issues you are mentioning are known to me and the reason why I am switching to a new provider in Scenic 3. It's going to be a huge improvement and I dare to say that it will solve all the issues you encountered, including the recalculations, the dirt roads, the closed roads, etc.  Scenic 3 is very close now. Starting beta test this week.

Regarding the crashes... this is most likely a memory problem (with memory not being disk space, but RAM memory). I recommend, before you start a ride, to close all apps through the app switcher, then start Scenic and start your ride. That will make sure all the memory of the phone is available for Scenic. I realize this is also a workaround, but perhaps it will help reduce crashes for now until Scenic 3 is out.

One more recommendation ... if not already done so... leave 'Detour Behaviour' to 'Go Back' and set 'Via Point Pro' mode to ON. This combination works best in most circumstances.

Hope this helps a little bit until Scenic 3 is out.

If you're enjoying Scenic and are happy with the support, please leave a nice rating in the App Store. It would mean a lot to me ❤️


appreciate the reply. V3 cannot come soon enough🤞🏼