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Find Routes / Maps / GPX Files

Good day everyone!

We just moved to North County San Diego - and I'm not familiar with great driving roads yet.

I just downloaded Scenic - and am looking forward to giving it a shot.

I was wondering if there was a good "place" I could go to download nice driving routes for my area - and ideally upload some too after I've made some trips.

As a note - I'm driving a car in the case that it matters for a good recommendation.


Scenic has a database of routes that were made public by other users. To access it go 'Routes' through the side menu, and then tap the little '+' button and choose 'Discover Routes'.

If you're enjoying Scenic and are happy with the support, please leave a nice rating in the App Store. It would mean a lot to me ❤️

Thanks for the quick reply @guido!  that was easy to get to - i'll work to check out some of the routes in the library.

I also think i see that the app can import GPX files.  So in addition, if anyone knows of a good site that would have interesting driving maps for North County San Diego - I'd love to hear about them.