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Find Routes / Maps / GPX Files

Good day everyone!

We just moved to North County San Diego - and I'm not familiar with great driving roads yet.

I just downloaded Scenic - and am looking forward to giving it a shot.

I was wondering if there was a good "place" I could go to download nice driving routes for my area - and ideally upload some too after I've made some trips.

As a note - I'm driving a car in the case that it matters for a good recommendation.


Scenic has a database of routes that were made public by other users. To access it go 'Routes' through the side menu, and then tap the little '+' button and choose 'Discover Routes'.

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Thanks for the quick reply @guido!  that was easy to get to - i'll work to check out some of the routes in the library.

I also think i see that the app can import GPX files.  So in addition, if anyone knows of a good site that would have interesting driving maps for North County San Diego - I'd love to hear about them.


Hi Marc,

San Diego has some of the best roads around. If you look in the Julian area you will see some good ones. Lake Henshaw, etc. Mt Palomar (both sides) is a great ride.
I just posted a public one from Lake Elsinore to Palm Desert that is great. I know that is a bit north of what you're looking for. I do plan to add some more rides over the next couple of weeks.