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Ferry crossings not routed

I really like the app.
The only thing that annoys me greatly is that - in spite of the option of "not ignoring ferries" - it will detour you every time I want to cross a river by ferry. Coming from the same country as you guys, you know there are a lot of ferry crossings and those are a lot of fun when planning a route.
100% of the time it will not accept the ferry as an option to cross. Now, when creating or adjusting an existing route, I have to put a marker on both ferry landings and wait for the app to correct itself when on the ferry crossing the river and arriving at the other side.
It would be very much appreciated if you could solve that bug.

Understand the comment. With Scenic 3 this will be improved:

Until Scenic 3 is out, there is a better workaround:

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