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Feature request "find nearest fuel station"

Hi Guido,

As ever thanks for the great app, one feature I would like to suggest (ideally for the "4 square" menu) is an option to navigate to either the closest fuel station, or the closest in the general direction of the programmed route.

I know I can do this if I pull over & edit a programmed route, but it would be great to be able to do it in a couple of button presses, rather than needing to run the search function & add a waypoint or stop, before resuming (this kind of search usually results in removing a glove etc).

Thanks Again, Keith



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Hi Keith,

Good suggestion. I have added this to the list.



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it would be awesome to add/implement this as eg a voice command/shortcut

on tours in unknown terrain/land that would be really awesome.

ok you can also stop and/or search with touch gloves, but that would be a great simplification

maybe it would be something for the future to use the app contactless by voice command.

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on my wishlist also.

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