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Eyerider headup display

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Anyone also bought the eyerider hud? Just got it delivered and hoping that scenic will be able to do apple car sometime next year.... for now I will use scenic for touring and apple maps for normal  day to day travel 😉

Is this Apple CarPlay enabled?? Not really clear from their website

If you're enjoying Scenic and are happy with the support, please leave a nice rating in the App Store. It would mean a lot to me ❤️

Yes Guido, eyerider has apple carplay and android car play (?). So the hud shows the apple carplay screen.


Cool! I might have to buy one to test Apple CarPlay with Scenic (as I don’t have a car nor motorcycle with CarPlay) 😁

If you're enjoying Scenic and are happy with the support, please leave a nice rating in the App Store. It would mean a lot to me ❤️

Looks like this, the photo is not that great but it shows you what you see in the prism (hud) it is much clearer and sharper when using the prism.


what can you do if you already have da helmet kit with speakers and microphone from Sena?

Is there some kind of adaption to eyerider?


I think you are able to link them, check out the eyerider website for more info. I took my Cardo off my helmet and only use the eyerider at the moment. I hardly use the cardo for communication more for music and directions and sometimes a call. I still can do that and also call people with a cardo or a sena headset ;-).

For me the nav display functions is the most important one.


A better picture what I seein my Eyerider hud.

[caption id="attachment_4770" align="alignnone" width="300"]hud display eyerider hud[/caption]

Hi fweissman

How are finding the Eyerider  HUD ?

Any good ?

I like the speakers and I like the hud part…. At them moment the interface is not so good yet.  ther will be e new remote that should solve that problem.

the battery life for me is not good enough, so i have attached a battery pack (in my motor jack pocket)

overall I would rate it 7/10 so satisfied

Cheers for your comments. I did read the battery life was between 2 - 4 hours. Thats just not enough for me. Cool idea though.

Ive had the eyeride for about 8 mo now.  I want to love it but honestly it feels like an alpha product and Im not sure the designers ride.

The display is really nice and works perfectly if you have a single visor helmet with a tint.

The module mounts to the right side of the helmet (aka wrong side). The sound is mediocre.  Both sena and cardo have better audio.  The smart remote sorta works....

Its an awesome concept that needs a little more development

I agree,

I Used it during the summer and was not satisfied.

- remote was rubish
- qualilty not good enough
- not easy to use
- battery life weak
- and final ( de HUD itself suddenly not working anymore)

Customer service very weak

So overall I would give it a 8 for the idea, but a 3 or 4 for the execution. Eyeride promissed more than they could deliver, back to my sena or scala 😉


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Fweissman was your EyeRider Version 2 ?

I Think they had an earlier version so `i assume it is version 2 ( this version.

Overall I loved the Idea… but hated the execution



Cheers fweissman. Yes that's the one I was looking at. Their website doesn't tell you very much. When Scenic becomes CarPlay compatible it would be a cool way to navigate. May be wait for version 3. Thanks for your info.

Emailed EyeRide regards battery life. Justin got back to me quickly saying in depends of phone and usage but expect 2 hours. He said he used a power bank in his jacket pocket to extend life for all day rides. I believe you can also plug it into the bike using a USB power adapter. Like the idea of a slim external battery in pocket that's very doable. From the pictures I have seen the display looks really good. Personally I'm only interested in the visual navigation part of the device. Never make phone calls or listen to music when riding.and usually have voice directions muted. Like peace and quiet. It's the visual guidance in your line of sight that really interests me plus I hate having my phone attached to the bike. Will wait until CarPlay is available and then maybe take the gamble. Maybe there will be a version 3 out by then which is more robust.

I did that when I had the eyerider installed.. I used a battery pack in my inner motor jacket.

Car play is functional, but using the remote is not optimal. Struggled a lot with the remote ( first remote was completely crap)

  • sometimes not linking,
  • battery issues and
  • not always a logical interface.
  • using it with gloves very hard

As. stated before the visible hud worked reasonably well, however sunny weather has a negative effect (sometimes), untill it stopped working completely and did not receive support from eyelight (within one year). So I detached the eyeride and went back to audio and my phone screen ( attached to the sp connect phone holder)


So idea still 8 execution 3/4


But you can give it a try if you want, p.s. scenic motor navigation (ios) is almost ready for carplay, testing it as we speak. first steps look promising and I expect it will be working completely before summer (get an update every week)

as stated before

Much appreciate your feedback. If you were using it just for visual navigation, audio was not plugged in then I'm guessing there is not need for the BT remote. So if remote and audio are ditched would you say that the navigation part worked well. Shame to hear that support did not help you. That sounds poor.

If you look at the response from backers.. you will see that support is not their strong point.. You need bluetooth for the remote ( switching screen and select from menu). I had the speakers and used them for radio and music mostly.

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