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External Gps device


I dig this app!

Is the app able to use information from an external gps device, such as dual xgps 160?  I got this gps device thinking that the iPhone could use the information whilst in the back country when both cell signal and gps signal to the phone are weak.?  If so how?  If not, is there such a device.  I realize ,theoretically, if i keep my offline maps udated there should be no problem in the middle of nowhere with weak gps. and zero cell signal.

Guido--keep up the great work and support.   I started using your app several years ago but when it did not support apple car play I used google/waze....I have a this app to a wider audience.  Start with the Ferrari and Porsche clubs who have many members and $$



I know that some Scenic users have a Bad Elf and, if I remember correctly, some of them also have a Dual external GPS. As long as the iPhone supports it it should be fine. This all goes through iOS really. If the external GPS is connected, iOS arranges that all apps (not only Scenic) get coordinates from the external device rather than the (less accurate) internal GPS receiver.

For your info though (to avoid any confusion). In the back-country your cell signal can be weak or non-existent as this depends on telephone masts with antennas spread everywhere in urban areas. GPS however depends on satellites. So, even in the backcountry, you will have good GPS connection. The only reason why you might have a bad GPS connection if there is no direct line of site between you and the satellites. This can happen when you are inside, when you are between tall buildings, when you are in the valley between high mountains and even when you are riding through the forest with trees with big leave cover. Your iPhone's internal GPS will be affected by that, but also your external one. This effect can be moderate (where the accuracy of the position becomes less) or more severe where the accuracy drops below the minimal threshold to give navigation instructions (in that case Scenic will give you the 'bad gps signal' message.

The biggest advantage of external GPS devices, as I see it, is that they are much more accurate, and probably they are less affected by the things mentioned above.

Hope this helps.


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