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Downloaded maps on your phone

Something silly…

When downloading the latest maps, it would help if a picture of the continent could be shown with the downloaded state maps (or country maps) filled in. A simple click on a hollow state outline would pull up an option to download, or purchase. Much quicker than hunting through an alphabetical list, and possibly missing a needed state prior to heading out on a trip.

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I like the idea. I have never seen this before, so will be very original. I will put it on the list, but can't make any promises yet. Many things on the list and this is definitely a "nice to have". Also will cost quite a lot of time/effort to implement I expect.

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Oh, by all means put this idea on the back burner and concentrate on a rock solid version 3 rollout!!!

This was just some passing thought when I was perusing the list for downloading adjacent states. It would be nice, but doesn’t happen very often.

Thanks for the quick response.