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Does not recognize location when activating a route in progress always wants to send back to the starting point

Is there a setting to continue the route from any point other then the start point

Do you mean you want to pick up an existing route somewhere in the middle? If so, here's the answer:

Select the route through the 'where to' button, but then before you tap 'Start Navigation' tap the 'Join route at' option just above it. There you can select where/how you want to join the route. For example, you can select there "I'll find my own way". That will let you find your way to the route by yourself, and once you reach it, navigation will start from the 'join' point towards the destination (in the direction you originally designed the route).

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PERFECT!  So, I can just put in a multi-day route and each morning do as instructed above without having to plan stops.  Or if I do plan stops, they become optional.  Love this GPS and now use it on my motorcycle and in my RV.