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Detour after missing the via point.

Hello Guido.
Me again.
Absolutely love your app. Unfortunately I have a problem with it in last 2-3 weeks - it happened when roads on my pre planned route was closed and instead of taking me to that via point different way (as it always happened before), Scenic takes me back to the starting point quickest way ignoring all other via points.
Just to let you know - it never happened before until last 2-3 weeks and I didn’t change any detour settings for ages.
I hope very much you can help me to sort it out!! 😊
Thank you, Tanya


on the screenshot black is what I’ve done. Red is detour by Scenic. Grey pins are my missed via points

Hi Tanya,

That's a bit strange, but I have heard this before. Do you perhaps have auto-skip via points turned on? And what is your skip radius, if so? (Settings > Navigation & Tracking > Detour Behaviour)


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Hello Guido.
Thanks for your quick reply.
As I tried to explain before  up until 3 weeks ago I was totally happy with performance of Scenic - it was directing me to the next via point if I missed it for any reason. But then it stopped doing it without me changing anything in settings and directing me  back home after missing the via point.
So to me it looks like some kind of glitch.

I’ve been reading people’s messages and your replies  to find the solution.
So I have deleted the app and reinstalled it again. But I haven’t tried it yet.
I will message you again with the result after using it next time I go.
Speak soon


P.S.  - Is there any chance to have your app on Android? At some point? 😉😊

Hi Tanya,

I understand you didn't change anything. The app wasn't updated either, so something else changed, or something is different. This could be anything from placement of via points, inaccuracies in GPS signal, round-trip vs. A to B, a map update, etc.

Having said that, you are not the first one who had this problem. So far, I've not been able to pinpoint exactly what is causing this, though. I'm working on a big update at the moment that, amongst others, will contain new navigation logic and, with that, also the rerouting logic. I'm hoping that this will resolve this issue as well. The big update is aimed for October.

As for Android... it's in development. Not giving out dates for that, but if you'd like to get an email when it's ready, fill out the form here:

Best regards,

If you're enjoying Scenic and are happy with the support, please leave a nice rating in the App Store. It would mean a lot to me ❤️

Thanks a lot Guido.
Will look forward for big update and Android version.
Best of luck with your work!!