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combining multiple scenic tracks

Dear Guido

First of all, thank you for creating such a great app! I just came back from my first 8 day solo motorbike tour in the South of France. Being able to rely on a gps app is key and my experience shows me I can fully trust scenic!

Now that I am back I would like to create a digital travelogue of my trip. I would therefor like to suggest a new feature: combining multiple scenic tracks. The idea behind is that I get the whole trip in one gpx file in order to use it in an other app later (e.g. relive, to add music, pictures, and so on).

Is it correct that this feature does not exist yet? (That's the latest info I found in the forum...)

Many thanks in advance for your reply!

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Indeed this feature does not exist yet. I do have a feature for this in mind to share a multi day trip (when you put them all in a folder together), but it’s going to take some time before I get around to that.

What you can do (I actually just did this myself for a Norway trip) is following:
- Put all the rides in one folder
- Now go back to the start (map) screen and only activate that folder to show on the map (use the third button top left)
- Now you will see all those rides on the map and you can take a screenshot of that
Not ideal, but perhaps a good way for the moment.

This is how this looked for my Norway trip.

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This is fantastic, Guido, thank you! I’ve been loading daily rides into Google maps ten at a time and screenshoting/extracting track fragments to build a ride history in Photoshop. And this feature is sitting right there! I’ll just pop this in, my last fifty rides in Scenic all on one map. MUCH appreciated!

Dear Guido

Thank you for your prompt reply and for your workaround suggestion! It does not exactly provide what I was hoping for - a dynamic display of my whole trip via relive - but I can do with a 'static' overview of the whole trip to begin with.

I will be very excited about combining scenic tracks in the future! 🙂

Best regards from Switzerland!


this does not fit what I need. I really need to merge 2 rides to one.

Today, my ride was stopped by accident.  I still not understand how this could happen. I started a new ride with the same route starting at the same location where the ride was stopped. And so I ended with 2 rides for the same day.

I used previous described work around to have the ride represented, but my statistics are not mergeable.

so I’m really looking forward to merge 2 rides, which shouldn’t be too complex, as end of first ride is before the start of second ride. And the statistics are just adding the figures together. Or am I wrong ?



I understand. Really merging two rides is on the feature request list. I don't have a date for it yet though. Sorry.

Best regards,

If you're enjoying Scenic and are happy with the support, please leave a nice rating in the App Store. It would mean a lot to me ❤️

...merging two or more rides, please, Guido... 🙂 Thank you in advance...!

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