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Cheap bluetooth headset

A cheap bluetooth headset from China, the Freedconn T-Conn SC.

I never bought a headset because I don't do a lot of fun rides on my bike. Most of the time I use the bike to go to my work and back. That's also the reason I never bought an expensive motor navigation...
Due to the high purchase price and the little use, I find many sets too expensive for me. Here in the Netherlands are headsets available from about €125. Specialy for my Schuberth C3 Pro helmet there is a choice of €199 or €329!  I will only use it a few times a year so it's not interesting for me...

Untill I got a tip from a fellow biker which uses a Freedconn set for morte than a year pretty frequently and he is very sattisfied. Than I started searching the world wide web and found more positive reviews, also some negative but the average conclusions were quite positive! So I decided to order one in China  @ AliExpress  for about €40 and within three weeks it arrived well 🙂

On YouTube there are several movies how to install a headset in a helmet and if you approach it carefully and patiently the installation isn't difficult, even I managed it 😉

I used it two times now when navigating on a fun tour and it works!
I listened to the radio or a Spotify playlist on my home-work-home rides 🙂
I didn't try to connect it to other bikers headsets to communicate during a ride. I don't think I need that function but who knows... maybe in the future?
It connects quickly to the phone, to make a phonecall is possible too... Getting used to it I suddenly called home when I wasn't supposed to do that so everything seems to works fine! The accidental calling had to do with my ignorance... 🙂

So I told my experience to a friend and he bought one. It works properly for him too! 🙂

Well I'm using it a few weeks now but for now I'm happy with it! And time will tell if it was a right decision to buy a cheap headset from China...
Keep in mind a lot of more expensive brands using (electronic) parts from china too...

This gadget article is just my personal experience.
I'm not payed to advertise!
If you order one it's your own descision!

The two men with a Freedconn bluetooth headset I spoke and I, me and myself are happy with the vallue for the money. Maybe this could be an option for you if you think a lot headsets are to expensive for the few times being used...

Bye bye

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We have to try these Aliexpress devices, a friend is using one and it works well

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