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Charge IPhone and use Scenic while driving

Does anyone have any clue?
When I connect my IPhone to the scooter with the charging cable it charges. Also still when I start Scenic. When I drive off, it no longer charges. It is not a mechanical problem (plug contact or similar). When I stop again and unplug it briefly and then plug it back in, it charges again. At the start of the journey again not.
I would be grateful for a solution!
Greetings Klaus


Does your outlet have enough power. a 10 watt (2 amp) charger is recommended to be able to charge while running a navigation app. Also make sure it’s a good quality charger and cable. Some (Chinese) ones might say they are 10 watt while they are actually not.

It could also be an electrical problem  when you start riding typically the voltage of your electrical system of the bike changes a bit (becomes higher, to charge your battery etc)

I don’t believe this is Scenic related. Try running another navigation app and see if it happens.

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I marched off with meter and various cables and started with old plug, old cable and Google navigation - and it woked. Without having changed anything, it also worked with Scenic ...
Had to explain my phone probably first, how it can be done :-).

Thanks Guido for the quick response - perfect! Best Klaus

Don't underestimate the temperature... direct sunlight, GPS, and charging... all three of those activities generate heat in your phone.