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Carpool lanes and navigation instructions

Hi, I was using Scenic last week in California between San Diego and LA. On the highways there are so called HOV lanes / Carpool lanes. The lanes are always located on the left hand side of the highway.  These carpool lanes have there own exits and entry points to go from one highway to another highway on the intersections. While I was driving I received instructions for example to keep left and exit the highway to go on another highway to continue the journey as it was assuming I was on the HOV lane. However I was alone in the car and therefore couldn’t use the HOV lane and needed to exit the highway on the right hand side to continue the journey on another highway. So the instructions where confusing.

on the maps it also showed I was using the HOV lanes. Maybe it would be good to review the routing instructions and only use the normal lanes and not the HOV lanes.

See for example this intersection. For the HOV lane you need to go left for the 55th north. If your not driving on the HOV lane you need to go  right to follow the 55th north direction.

Southbound I-405 HOV lane approaching California 55

I understand. I’m migrating Scenic to the new HERE map framework this fall/winter. During the migration I’ll take a look at possibilities to adjust routing and instructions based on vehicle type (car/motorcycle) and number of persons in the car.

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